Saturday, November 30, 2013

The lost

A few days ago, I got this minor set back. I lost the student election. Devastation consumed me. The wrong people said the wrong thing. They said what normal humans would want to hear.

The right people said,

"Kau kalah Nebby? Awesome!" and forced a high five on me.

Then it hit me. It hit me hard.

I thought being a leader is all I'm good at. I thought being a leader would make me extraordinary.

A few friends said these,

 "Nah, it didn't make you different at all, it made you the same as others. You are already different to begin with."

"Yay! Nebby is free to be the weird ol'Nebby again! I hate corporate Nebby."

"They picked you because you are different. You don't need it, it needs you."

Whoever said those words, and I really hope they read this, I would like to say thank you. You guys are one heck of best-gila-babi-friends (as Hery would put it)!

Allah closed this road for me, so that I could explore other things.

"Why do it again? You are already good at it, it won't be challenging anymore. Isn't that what you want? Challenge? Go for other things!"

Failure is when you are not able to stand up after a fall.

So here I am, standing up, ready to run!

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fy dh said...

steady nebby.

nothing to grieve about. its just a position.

so, dah boleh ke aku ajak nebby yang dah tak korporat ni lepak?


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